Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Ermine

The ermine is an arctic animal much like a weasel. It populates the tundra climates of Canada, the USA, and Eurasia, and mostly hunts for its food underground (yes, this cute furry animal is a carnivore.) It has adapted very well to the unbearably cold tundra climates, often making its habitats in tree roots off of the tundra and hunting in burrows under the snow. The creature is thin and long, allowing it to burrow through the tunnels of the animals it preys on, most often favoring the lemming. Lemmings are cute and delicious furry rodents resembling domesticated hamsters and gerbils. They are herbivores and are commonly associated with "lemming suicide", a phenomenon that has been around for centuries, stating that the lemming migrations are really mass suicides in which the lemmings drown themselves or jump off of cliffs. This theory holds no truth, but shows up in a lot of media, especially from the earlier 1900s. Anyway, enough about lemmings-- the ermine has a magical coat that transforms from a summer and fall brown to a brilliant winter white to blend in better with its climate. The only part of the body that isn't white is the tip of the ermine's tail, which stays a jet black.

This nasty carnivore has a set of 34 sharp teeth, which helps it to trap and kill prey larger than itself. Ermines are, fortunately, neither threatened nor endangered. This arctic weasel is even more unique because of its extremely flexible spine, which allows it to engage in a "marten run", in which the hind feet are tucked by the front feet. The animal reaches maturity very early, which helps maintain its population in such a hostile climate.

Sorry, I had to.

How can this cute fluffy animal be a nasty and scary carnivore, preying on the innocent lemmings? I mean, apparently they also enjoy their whole grains....


  1. Lmao! These photos are so cute. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. when i was a boyscout it was my surname :D

  3. Oh shoot, i would've never guessed it. It's a vicious polar ferret-like creature. Carnivore with 34 sharp as razor teeth. I don't know if i would mess with them.

  4. I like white ermines they remind me of snow and I like snow. Other colors reminds me too much of the mouse/rats that I hate so much.

    Nice blog, +followed.

  5. Oh god that thing is adorable and reminds me of my ferrets.

  6. Funny pics. I got cutneeeezzee. The ermine is one of my favorite tundra animals.