Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny Cartoon Animal- In Real Life!- Pascal from Tangled

Today we examine Pascal from the hit Disney film 'Tangled'.

In the film, Pascal is Rapunzel's pet chameleon. Pascal is a caring creature. He is always near Rapunzel. He attempts to assist Rapunzel whenever she needs it. As such, he does various actions. Sometimes he does something funny to make Rapunzel laugh. Sometimes he tries to fight a villain. Thus, Pascal has a comedic side and a tough side. The following pictures will demonstrate these two opposing sides.

NOW. Time for some info about Chameleons, IN REAL LIFE!!!!

Chameleon, a tree-dwelling lizard having the ability to change color and to move each eye independently. The color change is involuntary, contrary to common belief, and is brought about by light, temperature, and nervous stimulation such as anger or fear. It is not related to the color of the substance on which the chameleon happens to be.
Under ordinary conditions, the rough skin of the chameleon is a dull brownish-green. Under stresses of fear or anger, the color changes to a vivid green; it turns brown or yellowish-gray in response to hunger, low temperatures, and strong sunlight. The males of some species may display a brilliant red dewlap (a loose fold of skin under the throat) during courtship or in combat.
About 90 species of chameleon are known. They are native to Africa, Spain, Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka.


  1. Chameleons are awesome. Not sure I'd ever want to have one though...

  2. I didn't manage to see Tangled in theatres despite hearing decent reviews. Maybe I should get around to it one day?

  3. Cool post. And I have to say that Pascal is awesome! Love that movie