Monday, August 20, 2012

Dog Sleeping With a Toy

I've decided to momentarily return to this blogs roots and post a picture of a funny pet.

So, without further adieu I present you all this weeks Funny Pet!!


This is a dog. Let's call him Jake for the time being. Apparently he is sleeping with a stuffed animal. Cute. Right? However, the cynic within me can't help but think the owners simply stuffed the toy into the legs of the dog in order to create a cute picture. But maybe the dog truly enjoyed sleeping with the toy. Maybe?


  1. It does look like a setup to me!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. the owners did it, but it is still cute :) There are also pics of little kittens sleeping with stuffed mouses around the net :)

  3. Yeah I have to go with the owners did it as well.

  4. Maybe the toy was laying on the ground and the owner stuffed the dog around it to get a cute picture of the toy!!

  5. That's really really cute. I have a couple videos that I took with actual dogs I staged sleeping together. I'll post them eventually