Saturday, December 8, 2012

Overweight Weenie Dog

When you hear the word Weenie Dog, what do you think of? A nice cute little dachshund?  A possible snack? How about a mammoth beast that you can't even pick it up.

Well, lets not be mean to the little guy large dog. His name is Obie. Obie weighs 77 pounds, more than twice the maximum weight of an average Dachshund (32 pounds).

For comparison, here are some Weenie dogs that are not as hefty as poor little Obie.


 Of course, big is a relative term. Obie looks tiny when compared to some other pets.



  1. oh, poor doggie :( It isn't even funny since he could easily die if they keep feeding him so much :(

  2. I saw him on Ellen Degeneres. He's slowly being put back on a healthy plan