Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Tasmanian Nativehen

 I am particularly fond of obscure birds. As such, today you will be introduced to the Tasmanian Nativehen.

This is the Tasmanian Nativehen
The Tasmanian Nativehen is flightless. So, when it looks up into the sky and sees its' bird brethren soaring in the clouds, it cannot help but feel a bit envious.  It is one of twelve species of birds unique to the Australian island of Tasmania. Although many flightless birds have a history of extinction at the hands of man, the Tasmanian Nativehen has actually benefited from the introduction of European style agricultural practices in Tasmania.

Other common names include Narkie, Native-hen, Waterhen and my personal favorite, the Turbo chook.

The diet of the Tasmanian Nativehen is mostly made up of grass shoots and the leaves of low herbs which it grazes during daylight hours. Birds will also eat insects, seeds and orchard fruit.

A baby! Let the ahhhs commence.

File:Gallinula mortierii 1.jpg
Reminds me of a pigeon on steroids.   

Mom (or dad) and its babies.



  1. oh, poor birds which cannot fly :((

  2. well i never seen a hen like that
    they were cute and bubbly